Equal Political and Civic Participation

Girls and young women face a great number of challenges when it comes to breaking stereotypes and changing the political climate that affects their lives and existence. Some progress has definitely taken place during the last decades, but this progress remains too slow. Girls and young women remain one of the most discriminated groups when it comes to political and civic participation. Laura shared a simple example: how women in positions of power face harassment and increased scrutiny for every action they take and how this affects the confidence of young girls who aspire to lead. EWAG young advocates know very well that building girls and young women up and enabling them to have a voice is one of the most effective ways for them to become changemakers – for themselves and for their communities. Claudia thinks that encouraging girls and young women to advocate and protest for the things that matter to them is crucial. How? By connecting them, by creating safe spaces and by bringing boys and men onboard as equal partners in the struggle. We want a world where girls and young women feel empowered from a young age. One of the ways to do that? Ensuring that they are exposed to leadership opportunities, including work experience and shadowing leaders so that they can really see themselves in such roles in the future.

Read the 2023 EU assessment paper here.