Art Exhibition

Exhibition: “10 in 10: The world through the eyes of a girl”

The “10 in 10: The world through the eyes of a girl” art exhibition is one of the main activities of EWAG 2022. The art pieces, in form of illustrations, will portray how the world can look like for a 10-year-old girl in 10 years from now – if the demands of young advocates are met, the rights of girls are fully upheld and policies and structures are put in place to ensure that every girl can be her truest self.

The exhibition will display illustrations from 5 different artists from around the world, focusing on themes and concepts that the 2022 EWAG Young Advocates identify as their priorities for the future. The illustrations will show the world as it should be – and as it can be. Each art piece will be accompanied by a written message created by the young advocates themselves on their own experiences, aspirations, demands and hopes. The written messages will take visitors a step further from the art itself and will shed more light into how we move from seeing the future as a reality that can be to a reality that will be.

What: 10 in 10: The world through the eyes of a girl
When: 11th – 14th October, 2022 | Opening: 11th October, 14:00
Where: Esplanade of the European Parliament, Rue Paul-Henri Spaak, 1000 Brussels

Hope to see you there!