Girls Speak Out in the European Parliament

Wednesday 9th October 2019, 13.00-15.00

European Parliament in Brussels, room A5E2


2019 EWAG Girls Speak Out – Public event programme

Registration for the event has now closed. If you have a European Parliament badge then you can still attend the event!

This youth-led public event, organised with the support of the S&D Group and EU40, will aim at bringing together EWAG youth advocates and newly elected MEPs to have an exchange on how the EU can scale up its commitment for girls to pursue their goals and achieve their dreams. The European Union must strengthen its role as a global champion for girls supporting their right to decide about their own lives, creating a world in which they can actively participate and thrive.

The EU has made strong promises to girls in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its policies and initiatives such as the new EU Consensus on Development, the Spotlight Initiative, and the Gender Action Plan II. Future EU leaders must continue putting girls at the centre of their external action and deliver on their promises!

The EWAG public event will bring together a group of around 20 global youth advocates, newly elected MEPs, civil society and other EU officials for a meaningful interaction between youth and MEPs on shaping the EU agenda to ensure the EU becomes a true global champion for girls.

Youth advocates will present the issues that matter most to them and will exchange with MEPs on steps to take to advance these issues. It will be also an opportunity for MEPs to ask questions to the youth and hear their perspectives on what is needed globally to ensure girls’ rights are respected, protected and fulfilled. Youth advocates will be speaking up on shaping the EU agenda to ensure the EU becomes a true global champion for girls.

Check this website and #EUGirlsWeek on social media for more info soon.