Girls must be free from harm

To ensure girls will be free from harm, we recommend that the EU-Africa strategy and its implementation must:

1)   Ensure that the international and regional commitments (at African and European level) to end harmful practices and GBV are fully respected and translated into concrete actions within the EU-Africa partnership, in line with the political commitments on gender equality, including through goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) and the Beijing Platform of Action and the outcomes of their review conferences.

2)   Take extra steps to tackle harmful practices, including increased investment in critical youth-centred support and services for survivors of FGM; Urgently increase resources and investment to end FGM and CEFM as well as to support women and girls affected by these harmful practices. 

3)   Give special attention to preventing and responding to SGBV against girls, taking a holistic approach, in the strengthened EU-Africa cooperation on peace and security through concrete mutual commitments. This includes allocating funding to initiatives aiming at preventing and responding to SGBV in humanitarian and peacebuilding interventions, ensuring a systematic integration of a SGBV response in every humanitarian and peacebuilding intervention and support to armed forces, as well as  providing child and youth-friendly protection services, including psychosocial services, that address the specific needs of girls affected by violence.

Have a look at our advocacy paper.