Health and sexual and reproductive health and rights

To address the challenges of opportunities of health and sexual and reproductive health and rights, we recommend that the AU-EU Summit, the AU-EU Partnership and its implementation:

1. Promote and allocate adequate funding for universal access for girls to youth-friendly health services, including SRHR and CSE, that are equitable, accessible, affordable and needs-based, including in conflict and humanitarian settings, as well as for communities living in remote or rural areas. This should include funding for grassroot CSOs delivering youth-friendly SRHR services and CSE, as they are key actors to reach out to young people in all areas and contexts, including in schools.

2. Fight harmful gender norms and laws that prevent girls from accessing the health services they need to lead healthy and self-determined lives. Make use of the political dialogue between the EU and African countries, as well as of the EU Gender Action Plan III, to support the adoption and implementation of policies in favour of SRHR.

3. Support African partner countries in responding to the COVID-19 crisis in a comprehensive manner, including through the strengthening of health systems and universal access to SRHR as part of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

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