Krist Petraj Ziçishti

I am a Member of the YWCA Albania, working as PR director for New Moment Young and Rubicam, the most awarded agency in the Balkans. Volunteer, for different causes, human rights, women equality because in Albania men are paid more than women for the same position. I worked as a journalist for several years and always pushed topics like HIV/AIDS, young women and the challenges they are facing. Lately, with USAID Albania, I worked as public relation and organizer for the campaign “Women can, Women do”. The campaign had a very unique and innovative creative approach and provoked a massive response and impact in social media. It was based on a social experiment in which individuals from different ages and genders were given information and facts about several very successful people in Albanian society and were asked to describe how they imagine these successful Albanians. Interestingly 98% of the respondents described them as males. The result of this experiment obviously showed the hidden underlying prejudices which many of us, males and females, carry deeply inside us regarding the capacities and the successfulness of women comparing to men.